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Kunshan gas phase catalytic tower

Oil recovery: in order to ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition, one of the important factors is to strengthen the management of equipment lubrication. In the lubrication management, it is necessary to strengthen the scientific replacement of lubricating oil on a regular basis. Because every enterprise is equipped with a certain amount of equipment, a considerable amount of lubricating oil is replaced every year, which we call "waste oil". The waste oil should be recycled.
(1) According to the requirements of the equipment operation manual and the regular oil change plan formulated by the enterprise, the oil is replaced from the oil tank (or oil pool), pipeline and accessories in the equipment lubrication system after analysis and identification by scientific means( 2) Some equipment due to design, assembly, repair, use, maintenance and other factors, resulting in partial oil leakage of the system( 3) Oil released during equipment maintenance and lubrication system cleaning( 4) Replace the lubricating oil parts and pour out the oil( 5) Wipe the cleaning oil used for cleaning parts of the equipment( 6) waste oil that is twisted or extruded from cotton yarn, rag and plastic foam used in oil scrubbing. 7) waste oil recovered from waste emulsion treatment.