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Technology and device for resource treatment of oily sludge

  Luoyang YouHui Environmental protection Equipment Co., committed to providing research and development,design,manufacturing and complete services for the resource treatment of oily sludge.Always customer-oriented,with professional engineering design services and products in line with national standards to ensure the provision of sludge resource system solutions.

  Raw material source:oily sludge:oil field sludge,tank bottom sludge,waste clay,oil-based mud.

  Process flow:Using pyrolysis technology in the form of external heating,the material is heated to 300~500℃,the water and oil in the oily sludge are evaporated in the closed oxygen-free space,and the volatiles are condensed after the condensation system,and the oil is separated by the oil-water separation device,and the oil is sold after processing.The produced non-condensing gas can be used as supplementary fuel.

  The oil content of solid slag after treatment is<0.3%,and the project processing capacity is 30,000-50,000 tons/year